Ready to begin dating again? -great. Looking for some of the best divorced dating sites or apps?

There’s just one thing you should know before you dive headfirst into the dating pool. Dating has changed… like, dramatically.

Gone are the days of buying a stranger you fancy a drink and engaging in a bit of witty banter before asking for her number. Nowadays single men and women of all ages resort to dating apps. You can think of dating apps as 24/7 digital singles bars that live in your pocket. Whether you’re on the toilet, at work, or even in an actual bar, you can open an app and talk to single women.

It’s this convenience that has led 30% of Americans to at one point use a dating app. 38% of Americans ages 30-49 have used a dating app in the past. Online dating is now the most popular way to meet a woman online. All you need to figure out is which divorced dating sites or apps are best for you.

To answer that, we’ve generated a comprehensive list of the best divorced dating sites. Keep in mind that no one dating service is exactly the same. Each app caters to a different type of user.

Where Do You Live?

Where you live should be a factor in determining which dating app is right for you.

Plenty Of Fish is wildly popular in states like Maine and Utah whereas California and NY are dominated by Tinder. This map will tell you which dating application is the most popular in your state. Consult it before downloading any dating app.

Regardless of the demographic an application plays to, the most widely used dating app in your state should always be downloaded.

Best Divorced Dating Sites and Apps


Although Hinge has been around for years, it didn’t become one of the most popular dating apps in the US until former Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg announced that he met his husband on the app. But make no mistake, Hinge’s main audience is heterosexual users.

It’s this app that 99% of my clients recommend. The reason so many of them get quality results has to do with Hinge’s leverage of your friends -Facebook friends to be precise. Ya see, before dating apps came along the most common way to meet your partner was through a friend. Hinge has digitized this process by introducing you to friends of your Facebook friends. In this way, each potential match has been screened by your FB friends, thus (in theory) generating higher quality matches.

While my clients say that they’ve mined more dates and have found higher quality partners on Hinge than other apps this doesn’t mean that you should put all your eggs in one basket. I recommend casting a wide net by downloading 5 dating apps.


Bumble’s aspirations go way beyond the dating world.

The company came to fruition after Tinder co-founder, Whitney Wolfe, walked away from Tinder after being sexually harassed by fellow executives. It was this experience that inspired her to create what’s been billed as “feminist Tinder.” Bumble has branched out and is now in the networking and friend-making business. Despite this diversification, it’s still best known as a dating app, one that caters to a more socially conscious userbase.

The app looks and functions mostly like Tinder. The main difference is that once a match is created, the female user has to message first. And it’s your job to respond properly. Not only this but she only has 24 hours to do so. Should 24 hours expire sans communication, the match is lost.

My clients have mostly reported positive experiences with Bumble. One trick I recommend is to encourage your match to reach out by posing a question on your profile. Women, just like men, struggle with opening messages. Make this endeavor easier for her by offering up a softball of a question that not only encourages her to respond by also reveals her personality.


Didn’t expect this on a list of the best divorced dating sites did you?

It’s true. In the past Tinder was notorious for being a hookup app. That’s because initially, it was. In its first year, Tinder marketed the app exclusively to college students. As we know, college students aren’t really interested in going on dates and building strong connections. They’re too tied up in their studies, broke, and uncertain about their future to invest in a serious relationship.

Since its genesis, Tinder has been able to attract older users and shed this stigma. Nowadays it’s still being used by a younger demographic, but it now has users of all ages. Not to mention that the app is the king of all dating apps in terms of active users at over 7 million in the US alone.

To get the most out of Tinder, use keywords that will attract the type of female you’re looking for. Make it known that you’re looking for a long term relationship or that you have a kid. Women that aren’t interested in the aforementioned will swipe on by thus saving the pair of you time and money.

Many people I know have met their future spouse on Tinder. Don’t discount it just because your intern uses it as well.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Any Shark Tank fans out there?

CMB went on the show in 2015 and rejected a $30 million offer by Mark Cuban to purchase the company outright. Today the company is valued at $92 million. Despite its success, my clients have a hate-love relationship with the app.

Perhaps it’s the lingo that my clients don’t like. Matches are called bagels and coffee beans are the app’s currency. The app works by using an algorithm to provide you with a certain amount of potential matches every day at noon.

Few other apps will find compatible users for you and notify you every day with a limited number of uber-compatible women. Not only are these higher quality profiles, but this means you don’t have to waste away as you scroll through dozens of accounts to find a woman that tickles your fancy.

It’s not the most popular of dating apps, so users in major metropolitan cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago will have the best luck.

Facebook Dating

Finally, Facebook Dating has launched in the USA.

Before us it was released on the public in 19 countries and apparently did pretty well. In 2019, FB Dating finally announced its presence in the American online dating world. While one can assume that FB Dating will kill it with Americans, the company’s been coy about releasing information regarding the number of users it has enrolled.

To be clear, FB Dating isn’t a separate FB app, rather it can be found on the Facebook app and website.

What will make FB Dating great -apart from more users signing up- is its algorithm. Every piece of FB data you have is mined and chewed up by an algorithm in order to place compatible users in front of you. No other dating service has access to information the way Facebook does.

I’ll be frank with you, I don’t love

They’re an unethical company that has been busted many times for hiring employees to pose as single users and message real users in the attempt to convince users to pay for the service.  They’re almost as bad as Ashley Madison, who used chatbots to scam millions of men out of money.

That said, I have to acknowledge that certain cities have a higher quantity of users on Match and in some places, the newer apps like Bumble and Hinge are struggling to build traction.

That said, if you choose to use Match, keep in mind that there are a lot of scams and lots of fake profiles. So if you match with beautiful women but don’t receive responses or you do get responses but they never lead to a date, then maybe it’s better to invest time and money in a different app.


OkCupid has become quite a bit more scammy over the years.

That being said, clients of mine in certain parts of the country like West Virginia have had positive results.

Use at your own risk, just because Cupid shoots you in the ass with an arrow doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love, maybe it just means you’ll get catfished by a woman named Maude.

JSwipe & JDate

While the interface may differ slightly, both these apps cater to the same exact demographic; Jewish singles.

If you’re a Jewish man and want to meet Jewish singles, these apps are perfect for you. Gentiles are best advised to stay away from Jewish apps. A non-Jewish man using a dating app would be like a vegan showing up to a pig roast. It’s not your scene.

Plenty Of Fish

If only the app was as good as its name.

POF has been around since 2003 but hasn’t made the most out of its head start. It’s had countless bugs through the years and still a fairly unreliable and aesthetically icky interface.

The only reason the app makes this list is because it dominates in Colorado. I can’t tell you why, but people in the centennial state can’t get enough of this bug-happy dating app. This app is recommended only if you live in Colorado.

Niche Sites

Niche sites are great for corralling a specific group of users.

Those that apply to you are Single Parent Meet and Single Parent Match.

While I haven’t had any feedback from clients, niche sites take away any guesswork when it comes to the type of user you’re interacting with. Sure the interfaces aren’t as shiny as popular dating apps, but when using these sites you can be certain that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are, i.e. single and a parent.

Silver Singles

This site is exclusively for men and women 50 and older.

Despite the age limitations, it’s been effective for some of my older clients. It certainly has been capable of producing high-quality matches and dates, my only gripe is the distance settings. Apparently they send you matches from all over the country.

Jetsetting for love isn’t what every single man in his 50s is looking for, but hey, it’s worth a shot. Check out my article on how to use silver singles if you’re thinking of signing up.

Elite Singles

As its name suggests, Elite Singles targets educated and financially sound users.

Since 2018 the site boasts averaging a new user sign up rate of 381,000 per month. It might not be a household name -in part because of its crappy free membership– but it does have the quality of users and the number of members to make it worth your while.

One major boon is that the company has over 50s dating service that only those over the age of 50 can sign up for.


OurTime is another dating app that targets users 50 and up.

I’ve had several clients in their 50’s and 60’s who have had success on this app. While it wouldn’t be my first choice it could certainly be one of the 5 in your wheelhouse.

What’s important in finding a 50+ dating app is that it’s easy to sign up and navigate, which OurTime appears to be. Signing up for a website that’s poorly designed is a surefire way to ensure that you’ll never log onto it again.


There are some apps that just about guarantee dates. eHarmony is not one of them.

Let me repeat that -eHarmony is 100% not recommended. This app hasn’t worked for a single one of my clients in the past 5 years. It used to be solid but now can’t seem to keep up with market demand.

The Best Divorced Dating Site and Apps Wrap

That’s the thing about dating apps. The market is constantly changing and evolving. New apps are born, others are purchased, new features and algorithms yield better results one day but don’t the other, etc. This is why being active on at least 5 dating apps is recommended. This doesn’t mean that you need to log onto each one of them every day and spend 30 minutes swiping away. Use apps in a way that doesn’t drive you insane (or keep you single).

To learn more about which divorced dating sites to download and how to get the most out of them book a New Client 1-on-1 Skype session with me today. With myself as your professional wingwoman, together we’ll create a dating blueprint that works for you and help you find a high-quality partner in no time. We’ll also determine if my 3 month coaching program could be a fit for you!