7 “Low-Effort” Dating Tips to Hook Up With More, Hotter Girls Faster….

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Whether youre looking for a long term relationship, a casual hookup, or anything in between for that matter, youre going to have to spend time dating.  Or more specifically, youre going to have to spend time looking for a potential date.  

Going on actual dates and spending time with potential partners takes up comparatively little time, versus the amount of time you’ll spend seeking out, and attracting partners.

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In this article, Im going to share with you a few easy tips to make the dating process a little more simple and straightforward, and to help you waste as little time as possible on the tedious parts of dating, and spend more time enjoying the good parts.

Its worth noting that today online dating is a huge thing,  with about 40% of single Americans reporting that they use dating websites and apps according to research done by E Harmony.  

Because of how incredibly popular these sites and apps are, and how much easier they make the dating process, all of these tips will be geared towards online dating, even though some of them will still apply in traditional dating.

1) Know What Youre Looking For

The first and easiest way to make dating simpler for yourself is to know what youre looking for.  Different dating apps will draw different types of people.  

An app like Tinder for example is incredibly popular, and will have one of the largest pools of potential mates to choose from.  

An app like Hinge, which advertises itself as the dating app for people who want to get off dating apps, will draw a crowd that is more relationship oriented.  

Very simply, if you’re looking for a hookup, don’t waste your time on a serious dating app, and if you want something more serious, don’t waste your time on a hookup app.  

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If youre not looking for something specific, then choose an app that has a large user base like Tinder, as youll have far more potential dates to pick from.

Regardless of what app you choose to use, make what youre looking for clear on your profile.  In that E Harmony  study from earlier, it was reported that 64% of people said they were searching for someone they had things in common with.  

Not only will having what your interested in written plainly on your profile draw people looking for the same, it will save you time in weeding out people who aren’t a good match for you.

7 “Low-Effort” Dating Tips to Hook Up With More, Hotter Girls Faster….

2) Get on a Schedule

It may be surprising to hear, but much like anything else, scheduling your swiping time can be a beneficial way for you to maximize your outcomes.  

Dating expert Meredith Golden recommends “that clients choose two apps — maybe the two that appeal to you most — and devote 30 minutes daily to each, for a total of one hour a day spent swiping and messaging.”  

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This time can be budgeted whenever its convenient for you, but consistency is key.  Consistency makes sure that any potential matches wont have to wait around forever to hear from you, and that ongoing conversations wont go stale.  

If dating is important to you, treat it like you would treat anything else in life.  If youre not willing to put in the time, you wont see the results.
3) Make a Good First Impression

The old adage you never get a second chance to make a first impressionmay be tired and cliche, but that doesnt make it any less true.  

There have been a number of studies over the years that show that first impressions really are incredibly important.  

First impressions have been shown to last for monthsand affect personal judgements even in the presence of contradictory evidence about the individual.”  

From your choice in profile picture and how you write your bio, to the first message you send a new match, you should be thinking carefully about what type of impression you may be conveying.

4) A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

7 “Low-Effort” Dating Tips to Hook Up With More, Hotter Girls Faster….

Its no mistake that when youre swiping through profiles on any dating app, the first thing youll see is a picture.  

We are visual creatures after all, and we simply dont have the time to read through every 500 character bio before swiping left or right, so the pictures you use on your dating profile can be incredibly important.  

Fortunately the dating app Hinge recently released a study that they did, that offers some key tips on the do’s and don’ts of how to select a photo.

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Here are a few quick tips:

First, smilebut not too big.  Women were 43% more likely to like photos of men with  a soft smile, without teeth showing.  

Second, add in an action shot.  Whatever activities you enjoy, whether its golf, rock climbing, kayaking, a pickup game of basketball, or even just throwing a football around with some friends, find time to get a picture of yourself.  

Pictures of men engaging in a sport did 75% better according to the Hinge study.  

Third, snapchat filters are a no, but using a black and white filter is a huge yes.  People dont want to see you looking like a dog, but a nice simple black and white filter can add a little class.  

Finally, avoid group shots.  Its not a bad thing to include a few, but make sure there are more than enough pictures of you by yourself.  Your match doesnt want to have to scroll through five pictures and try to compare them all to figure out who you are.  
5) High Volume

Its important to put yourself out there.  That advice is as true in the modern app-based dating world as it always has been.  The more you put yourself out there, the more matches and potential dates youre likely to get.  

One easy way to do this is the old copy and paste trick.  Come up with one or two good conversation starters that you can copy and paste over and over again to different matches to save yourself some time.  

But dont forget to personalize a little.  You can copy and paste a block of text, but try to add in a personal touch, such as the persons name, which gives it a little more of a personal feel.  

Copying and pasting may be an effective tactic, but its not very appealing to find out that someone is doing it to you.  

Make sure to be as real and personal as you can, as much as you can, and just copy and paste when appropriate to save time.
6) Stand Out

So what is the takeaway from all this information?  Stand out.  

Remember that whoever it is youre trying to attract has already swiped through hundreds or thousands of other profiles that all blend together.  

Same generic picture, same generic bio, nothing attention grabbing or noteworthy.  Use the tips above to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  

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Once youve matched with someone, dont be boring.  Be original, be unique, and be yourself.  You can read all of the dating tips and tricks you want, but none of them are going to work if you dont put some sincerity behind it all.  

Women love authenticity.  

Use these tips to maximize your potential partners, put your best foot forward, and then just be yourself.

7 “Low-Effort” Dating Tips to Hook Up With More, Hotter Girls Faster….

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