Can we get real here for a second about your dating life?

Here’s the deal… When I talk to single women about finding love at this time in their life,  the answer I get most often is that things really aren’t happening in their love life.

Left to their own devices, most women aren’t being contacted by the men they’d like to date.

I know that I too was frustrated many times over the course of my own dating journey because things seemed more difficult than I thought they should be.

Maybe for you too???

If you’re wondering why dating feels like you’re driving with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas, wondering why you’re not meeting great guys to spend time with, I’d like to share something with you.

Yes, we both know that things like a great profile, knowing how to flirt and where to meet men are very important steps on the dating journey you’re taking.

But if I’m being honest with you, the REAL reason for your level of success or failure has to do with what’s going on internally . . . 

Most women believe if they just had the right body or lived in a particular city or had more men to choose from, the relationship would come.

I know, because I’ve been closely observing, teaching, and championing unhappy single women over 50 for quite a while.

And here’s what I’ve discovered: Your level of dating success isn’t really about your looks and your weight as much as it is about how you approach dating.

If you want to know the truth, it actually stems from your mindset . . . the fears and limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and the men you want to date.

I know, it’s not something most dating mentors talk about openly, but I have discovered that your mindset is the ONE single thing that determines one’s level of success or failure in dating.

When you have a healthy dating mindset, your results get transformed, often overnight, and this translates to big breakthroughs in the number of quality men who contact you, how many dates you go on, and ultimately getting the relationship you desire.

And that’s why I want to give you this simple tip you can start using right away to give your dating mindset a major jump start.

Here it is….what you focus on in your dating life is what will show up in your dating life.

If you think over 50’s dating is impossible, discouraging, or something you hate to do . . . this will show up for you as bad dates, the wrong men always contacting you, and maybe even quitting your dream of being in another relationship.

Instead, you want to develop a positive mindset.

The mindset I have my clients use is this . . . I’m going to have fun meeting new and interesting men.

Guess who shows up?

Great men who are fun and interesting.

Were they all romantic possibilities?


But my clients sure had a lot of fun getting to know them and many became friends they could hang out with while they were looking for their guy.

Attracting the right man means having the right mindset and Inner Love Game to make it happen.

Which leads me to asking if you know the pieces that are missing in your Inner Love Game that have been shutting down your ability to find love, the man, and the relationship you desire?

If you’re not sure or you don’t know . . . why don’t we set up a time to talk about what you need to do to find love at this time in your life.

I love teaching women how to make these simple shifts because I see the difference this information makes in their ability to find love.

So if you’ve tried all the dating tools and skills and still haven’t found your Mr. Right, and you’re ready to commit to making your dream of finding love come true this time, then, click here and tell me what’s been going on in your love life.

If I think I can help you, we’ll set up a time to complimentary time to talk about what you need to find the right man for you.

“Lisa is an excellent coach. She covers the practical and the deeper emotional aspects of dating after 50. Lisa on a personal level is warm, intelligent, and positive. Her willingness to disclose about her own struggles is also very informative.  If you work with Lisa in any capacity consider yourself lucky and well prepared for the journey ahead.” Barb, Maryland




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