I am fairly novice when it comes to dating, but I come across a girl I knew through a mutual friend on Hinge. We got on well and long story short, we met up for our first date last week for some drinks, everything was perfect, best date I've ever been on. We went back to hers and whilst nothing happened there was definitely a mutual attraction there.

A day or so later I suggested a second date and she agreed, said she really enjoyed herself on the first and would love to see me again. I suggested this weekend but she said this weekend was very busy but would let me know when she's free.

That's not a problem with me, we are all busy and have our own lives. We both work 9-5 jobs and I know sometimes she does work a lot of overtime. We are still chatting over text but pretty much ever since replies to texts are quite slower, virtually no responses throughout the day. I have noticed she has been on WhatsApp in that time through the Last Seen feature, and is uploading on Instagram, but does not reply to me until hours later. Every time she says how she's "so sorry, mental day at work" or some variation. She's still very conversational though in her replies and asking questions, basically keeping conversation going. Am I reading too much into things? How do I press ahead and suggest a new day for second date?

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