Going through a divorce is a life-changing experience. It’s a challenging task to free yourself from emotional baggage, but it can be done.

After going through a recovery process, you start to feel the need for human connection again.

You heard of online dating but may have dismissed it as something for the socially recluse.

You’ll be surprised to learn how many opportunities exist for men and woman for over 50s dating online.

Putting yourself online in your 50s or 60s may sound intimidating, but it is rather an adventure that may result in finding the right companion.

We are here to help you find success in online dating through these tips.

1. Write a fun bio about yourself

Remember how you described yourself to your first partner? You are doing just that as you write your public bio.

Use a welcoming tone that describes you as a person, be quirky, write fun facts about yourself.

Share info about usual conversation topics by listing hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes.

Don’t be afraid to list your favourite movies, music and even clothes.

Write about your educational background, the school you went to and how much fun you had in college.

Basically, you want people to know your interesting side so they want to message you first! So, get creative with how you present yourself.

2. Don’t be scared to chat online

Having a conversation in person is the best way to connect, but is chatting online safe?

Although the idea of chatting can be scary at first, you will get used to having a text conversation in no time. Just be yourself and correct any chatting errors as you go.

Our site provides secure chatting features meant to protect your privacy.

If you encounter inappropriate messages or a bothersome person then you can report them to our moderators. We want to create a safe dating experience for our users.

3. Choose your photos wisely

What photos you upload greatly influences your chances of finding a date.

Remember, people don’t know how you look in real life so why not give them your best angles?

Upload a bare minimum of a face shot and a full-body shot but we encourage you to upload more variants.

Stick to recent photos, photos taken in the last 3 months to get the best results.

4. Embrace new dating opportunities

Everyone wants the first date to be the perfect date but in reality, we have to go through a few experiences to find the best one.

Online interaction can only tell so much about a person. Maybe they can’t fully be themselves online and the best way to find out is to meet in person.

Opportunities don’t come knocking every so often but when they do remind yourself how do you know someone’s not right if you don’t meet them?

We encourage users to embrace new dating opportunities because you never know where over 50s dating could take you.