Do this to improve your chances of finding love after 50!

Recently, I looked in the mirror, and instead of seeing my inner and outer beauty (we all have it including you!), all I could see were some new lines that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.

Unfortunately noticing those lines led me to look at other lines and before I knew it, I was on this downward spiral only seeing the negative aspects of my face.

Next, I turned away from the mirror and looked around the bathroom. Instead of appreciating what a really nice bathroom it was, all I could see was a tiny and I mean tiny piece of wallpaper that had come away from the wall.

After that, I strolled through my house seeing tiny flaws everywhere…the windows I should have had cleaned before it got cold, the gorgeous table that was now scratched thanks to my dog trying to get a better view of the world when I wasn’t home, and that one counter in my kitchen I can never seem to keep tidy.

From there I moved to family and friends finding fault with them when they’d done absolutely nothing wrong.

And an hour later when I went to lunch with a friend, I was critical of the service that was slow and the food that wasn’t as good as it usually was.

By now, I was beginning to feel like I was in a Dr. Seuss book called Wacky Wednesday where the day got worse by the minute.

This type of downward spiral (and we all have them from time to time) can keep you single and alone.

How? You go online and what happens?

You find fault with every single man on a site.

This one is too old.

That one is not my type.

(By the way, if your type worked for you, you’d still be with him. Right? Did you know you can find a new type of man, one that makes you a lot happier by creating a Quality Man Template? It’s something all my clients do while coaching with me because it helps end the vicious cycle of getting involved with the wrong men over and over again.)

Let me share with you an example of how I saw this work in real life.

I recently met a friend for Happy Hour.

Over dirty martinis and appetizers, she told me about the really bad day she’d had at work.

She was feeling pretty lousy about herself at this point.

The next thing I know, she’s pulled her phone out of her purse and is showing me the awful men she had no interest in dating on one of the Dating Sites.

I was surprised because I saw some really nice men scrolling by but when I pointed them out, she couldn’t see even one who she’d be interested in.

She was of the opinion that all men on dating sites had some imaginary fault so she wasn’t going to waste her time on any of them.

This type of mindset can keep you alone for the rest of your life.

Here’s why….

The outside world is a direct reflection of what you’re feeling inside and when you’re not feeling great about yourself, you’re not going to feel good about any man you might meet.

So how do you get out of this Debbie Downer mindset that can keep you alone forever?

Well for sure don’t go online until you can make a mindset shift to the positive because it will frustrate you to no end since no one will feel right.

Instead, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a journal and start writing down 3-5 things you are feeling grateful for about anything in your life.

You might find you resist doing this simple exercise because it’s easier to stay in a negative mindset than it is to look at the good in your world.

But this type of mindset keeps you from getting what you want so you want to push through it and begin doing this exercise every day.

You’ll find the more you practice the mindset of gratitude, the more it will pay off in all areas of your life including finding love after 50.

You’ll begin to see the good in everything and everyone and your heart will open to the possibilities . . . the true secret for finding the love of your life and ending the cycle of being alone forever.

Tomorrow in the US, it is Thanksgiving.

A time of gratitude and I am so grateful you are here as part of my community.

You don’t have to do this journey of finding love after 50 alone.

Please reach out if you need help making this dream come true either with me by replying YES to this email to learn more about programs to make this happen for you or to a coach you resonate with.

So believing in you and your dream of finding the right man for you!



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