Most women think finding love right now is almost impossible.

I disagree.

I think you still can date but not in the conventional way you’re used to doing it.

We all need to do social distancing for sure to stay safe during these uncertain times.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of finding the right man to share your life with.

You can still go online to meet men.

Remember Online Dating Sites have the largest number of single men on them.

My clients and I work together to make sure they have great pictures and a good profile and what happens is they end up having fun dating and meeting all types of new and interesting men.

So here’s the secret for finding love in the time of the Coronavirus.

You want to virtually date.

What does this mean?

You meet a man you like online.

You can schedule a virtual date.

You can do a coffee meet and greet where you meet on Face Time (Apple) or Google Duo (Android).

You both bring your favorite coffee or tea, which by the way is a good conversation starter about what you’re drinking as you get to know each other virtually.

Or you do a virtual Happy Hour with your favorite glass of wine.

Both of these options are better than a phone call.

You actually get to see each other which gives you far more body language cues.

If you like each other and decide to do it again, this is an opportunity to get to know someone on a whole different level than you have in the past.

You get to build a friendship first without throwing the chemistry element in too quickly.

You can also virtually meet for coffee, happy hour or a meal with your single friends so you don’t feel so isolated during this time.

It’s a fun way to just catch up.

One more thing . . . during this time of self-isolation, you have an opportunity to get to nurture and pamper you.

We are usually too busy to do this but now life is slowing down and it’s the perfect time to give to you.

It’s also a great time to learn more about dating so when this self-isolation phase is over, you’ll know exactly who you want, where to find him and how to attract, meet and keep him.

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