Ever have a man betray you in some way whether it’s cheating on you, lying to you, not following his words up with his actions or just plain disappearing on you out of thin air?

It can really hurt and picking up the pieces and moving forward again can feel daunting.

But, this is not the time to start dating again because you’re feeling so alone.

What you want to do is take time to heal.

Not only has your heart been broken but with betrayal, the pain can run even deeper.

You may feel shame for not having seen the signs that something was amiss.

Or you may feel angry with yourself for allowing a man into your life who had the capacity to break your heart.

You might even stop trusting yourself and the men you date which can lead to making men jump hoops to prove they won’t hurt you.

Fear of failing one more time starts holding you back as you try to keep yourself safe from getting hurt again.

So you start looking for perfection; which by the way doesn’t exist.

And the most difficult part is when you do date, you just attract the same type of man who over time also betrays you just like the others did.

It makes you just want to give up on your dream of finding love after 50, right?

The reason you attract the same man into your life over and over again is because this is the man you feel most comfortable with.

You would because you’ve known him your whole life.

What do I mean by this?

When I work with women, we create a Pattern Chart that helps them identify the men they are always attracted to.

They have huge aha’s when it’s completed because they see how they are dating the same man over and over again just in different clothes, with a different hairstyle, and a different job.

So what are some of these patterns?

  • Men who are emotionally unavailable
  • Men who are narcissists
  • Men who verbally or physically abuse them
  • Men who are critical
  • And the list goes on

You might think, why in the world would I attract that back in?

Believe it or not, they feel comfortable to you.

And even though you dislike that type of behavior, men with a pattern are the ones you will have the most chemistry with until you become aware of the pattern.

So now that you’ve identified your old type, you need to decide what is truly going to make you happy at this time in your life.

That’s when a QMT, also known as a Quality Man Template, comes in where you identify what you want in a man today.

Often times, women date using the criteria they needed in their 20’s, and that was a strong man you could grow with and have children with.

Today, you want to be looking for a man you can play with, who will have your back, who you can just enjoy at this time in your life.

So you’ll want to have totally different criteria for choosing men than you did in your 20’s that runs deeper than chemistry.

This is something I help women with all the time and it literally changes their life.

They start meeting men they might have passed up because they literally can’t see them until these new tools, a Pattern Chart, and a QMT are in place.

Here’s what I mean . . .

  • Anna came to me a hot mess having dated the same type of man once again. It ended up in a very tumultuous break-up. After taking the time to heal, she joined my group and got her confidence back.  Next, she got clarity on who she was done dating as well as clarity on who the right man was for her today. And she met him (yes in this pandemic) and is now in an exclusive very happy relationship for the first time ever!
  • Suzanne always loved tall men because they made her feel safe yet they didn’t listen to her, they didn’t make her or the relationship a priority and she always over gave to a man and got very little in return.  Once she was able to identify this pattern, she was able to end the cycle of relationships that left her feeling exhausted and drained. And using her QMT, found an amazing man she’d have passed up in the past (again in this Pandemic).

Both of these women STOPPED the vicious cycle of dating the wrong men over and over again that was making them miserable.

They got clarity on who was right for them and attracted him into their life.

That’s the power of a QMT, it’s like a shout out to the Universe of this is who I want.

Now, what about you?

Are you’re ready to end the cycle of dating the wrong men over and over again and finally attract a quality man who will SHOW UP and COMMIT to you?

If so, then let’s book a complimentary session to talk about how to make this happen.

Yes, the call is totally free, but it’s not for everyone.

This call is available for you ONLY if you are:

  • A single woman over 50 [not in a relationship/or dating anyone]
  • An amazing woman who is a catch and is ready to put herself and her dream FIRST for finding true love with the right man (not later when there’s more time, or when Covid ends, or work slows down, or your kids or grandkids don’t need you anymore).
  • A woman with a huge heart who wants to create a future with the right man . . . and doesn’t want to let another 5 or 10 years go by before it happens.

If this sounds like you and finding love with the right man is a priority then CLICK HERE to apply for one of these calls.

The 30 minutes we’ll spend together could totally change your life as it did for Maryanne.

I joined Lisa’s Love after 50 Coaching Group because I needed help. I listened to the modules, came on the group calls, and using what I learned, did a lot of mindset shifting, and ended up meeting my guy.  BTW – in the past, I would have passed him up if I hadn’t had my quality man template. I also learned so much about men and understanding who they are that has helped me be in a successful relationship. Lisa, you are just a wonderful coach. You unlocked the key for me about myself and men that got me the amazing man I am now sharing my life with. Maryanne, Connecticut

CLICK HERE to get started if you’re ready to change your love life.

Believing in you!




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