Some women think all you have to do is have a good profile online and the right man will show up.

And men do show up. Especially when you are fresh on a dating site.

But here’s the problem.

The men reading your profile and contacting you aren’t the men you’re interested in.

And the men you want to meet, well they just never reach out.

Sound familiar?

It’s really frustrating, right?

It can even make you want to throw your phone across the room and give up on your dream when, yet another man contacts you who just isn’t for you.

So why’s this happening to you over and over again?

What I’ve found is most women don’t realize they’re running what I call Dating Malware programs.

Now, you might be wondering what the heck is Dating Malware and how is it affecting you?

Let’s start with what Malware is.

Malware is a program that gets into your computer from, opening malicious email attachments, suspicious downloads, etc. You might not even know it’s there until one day, your computer crashes.

You call a service company and they have to literally exorcise the Malware to get your computer back up and running properly.

The same thing goes with Dating Malware.

On the surface, you’re excited to get out there and find the right man you can share your heart, life, and love with.

You go online . . . see some amazing guys but they don’t write to you.

Instead, the guy with no shirt writes.

Or the one who took a selfie with his toilet behind him contacts you.

At this point, you’re feeling a little frustrated but you keep at it and start favoring the handsome guy with the great job who looks like he can treat you like a Queen.

When he doesn’t notice you, you decide to write to him.

Most men like to be the pursuer so it usually fizzles quickly if he does write back.

What comes next is you starting second-guessing yourself with thoughts like . . .

  • Maybe I’m too old to find love (You aren’t! My clients in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are finding relationships with good men every day)
  • Or men only like younger women (Not true. Women I work with are dating safely even in this pandemic and getting into relationships with men their age who are treating them like Queens)
  • Or no good men are online (They are! It’s where my clients are finding great men every day)

Statements like these are Dating Malware.

They are programs you may not even be aware of that are running just below the surface and this vibration is what keeps you from finding the right man.

When you’re running a belief like . . .  “there are no good men online” then guess who you’ll attract?

Not so great men.

Most women don’t realize they’re even running these programs cause they are just under the surface wreaking havoc with your dating life.

But you probably are running them if you’re not finding the right man to share your heart, love, and life with.

So if you want to STOP this vicious cycle and are ready to finally attract a quality man who will SHOW UP and COMMIT to you, then let’s book a complimentary session to talk about how to make this happen.

Yes, the call is totally free, but it’s not for everyone.

This call is available for you ONLY if you are:

  • A single woman over 50 [not in a relationship/or dating anyone]
  • An amazing woman who is a catch and is ready to put herself and her dream FIRST for finding true love with the right man (not later when there’s more time, or when Covid ends, or work slows down, or your kids or grandkids don’t need you anymore).
  • A woman with a huge heart who wants to create a future with the right man . . . and doesn’t want to let another 5 or 10 years go by before it happens.

If this sounds like you and finding love with the right man is a priority then CLICK HERE to apply for one of these calls.

The 30 minutes we’ll spend together could totally change your life as it did for Maryanne.

I joined Lisa’s Love after 50 Coaching Group because I needed help. I listened to the modules, came on the group calls, and using what I learned, did a lot of mindset shifting, and ended up meeting my guy.  BTW – in the past, I would have passed him up if I hadn’t had my quality man template. I also learned so much about men and understanding who they are that has helped me be in a successful relationship. Lisa, you are just a wonderful coach. You unlocked the key for me about myself and men that got me the amazing man I am now sharing my life with. Maryanne, Connecticut

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Believing in you!



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