Ok so a bit of my situation and then the question. If its TL;DR then you can just skip straight to the question at the bottom.

My situation is a bit dire. I havent had a girlfriend in over 2 years. Im really very lonely. And I miss the touch, smell, and feel of a woman in my life. Its frustrating because I am a generally shy person and I dont just walk up to girls and get numbers. First off, Im a bit short. Im 5'5. Even if the girl is shorter than me, its kind of well known that most women would probably just be embarrassed to be seen getting approached by someone like me. I tend to stick mainly to online dating but that has NOT been working out at all for me. Once upon a time it did. But not anymore. Im getting older. I am more and more out of touch. And being my age.. most women have children. Or they want a "Manly man". Beard. Muscles. 6'0. That kind of thing. Not 5'5. 120lbs. Baby faced. Not fit. With a regular paycheck to paycheck job. I just… i know i should or could just wait until i get things together and have a bit more to offer. But i just feel like …. well if i were to find love i should be able to find it anywhere.. at anytime. Maybe im being naive.


Anyways heres my question. Ive noticed a girl at my work. She punches in right when im punching out. I was thinking about approaching her right as we cross paths…. But im very nervous. So many things are nagging at my mind. Is she much younger than me? Will she think im creepy? Will she think im ugly (babyfaced)? Too short? (shes about the same height).. i dont really know what im asking here. But i just find her so attractive and cute. But i dont know if its the right thing to do. What should I do ?

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