Over in the forums, Sara presents a scenario ripe for a poll (which we haven’t done in ages):

Two people are in a relationship for over six years. They both have different belief systems.

Person 1: is a long-time vegetarian who follows a religion in which the cow is a sacred animal.

Person 2: eats everything.

Both have been living together for six years and Person 1, although being a vegetarian, always shops for non-vegetarians items for their partner and cooks them. All they ask is out of respect for their religion that beef not be consumed at home. Eating it at restaurants is not an issue.

Person 2 feels that they should be able to eat what they want and that they should be able to eat beef at home. Feels there needs to be a compromise to accommodate their wants.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

So, I’m wondering:

Should Partner B Be Allowed to Eat Beef in the House if It’s Against Person A’s Religion?

PS Who’s old enough to remember the image reference above?