I looked at this makeover picture my friend and colleague, Kim Seltzer showed me and I had to laugh because I thought of a top I had that wasn’t too far off from the red one posted here.

Kim is an amazing makeover expert.

And over the years, I’ve been so impressed with her makeover talent that I asked her to share with you a success story and how it transformed her clients’ dating life.

So here we go…from Kim 

When Annie came to me, she had low body confidence, never felt sexy and was literally hiding in her clothes.  Moreover, she was wearing clothes that were completely unflattering.

Some of these feelings came from messages she’d received growing up.

You see she was the smart one, not the pretty one according to her family.

And she believed this story until we started working together.

Now, back when I practiced as a therapist, I would have sat her down and talked about her body image, her self-worth, and the exercises she could do (or not do) on her own to help her over time.

That was not what Annie needed.

She needed to see results NOW, before she continued to be stuck in a frumpy rut for another decade, hiding her sexy femininity from the world.

I did a Virtual Makeover with her and taught her about her body type, her colors and what men found sexy.

Annie then went shopping based on my recommendations where she grabbed a form-fitting dress along with other pieces she could wear on dates that she learned flattered her figure.

At first, she was resistant.  Annie thought that if a man didn’t like her for the way she looked, then forget him.

But that thought changed when she saw herself the first time in this dress and later with how men started responding to her when she wore it.

Back to the day, she found this dress.

She stared at herself in the mirror for what seemed like an eternity and couldn’t believe what she saw.

She shot a bunch of photos and it was then and ONLY then when everything changed seeing those “after” pictures.

She finally started to embody her feminine side and realized she was actually beautiful.

Annie began to carry herself differently and embraced being more “girly.”

She became more comfortable flirting and letting a man into her space.

I mean look at her body language in the “after” picture.  You can see how much sexier she feels in her body!

Annie finally saw that she was smart AND sexy.

She then put that “after picture” online in her dating profile and BAM…she got a ton of clicks on her pictures and ended up with the greatest boyfriend who thinks she is amazing!

This happens for many of my clients when I work with them on feeling into their sexy image.

Because you have to sometimes look and feel different in your body in order for you to change the way you view yourself…

And that will change the way men view you.

I want to give you some quick dating wardrobe tips to think about:

#1 . . . Build a wardrobe of clothes that make you feel amazing

Put on the pieces that you absolutely love.

Look in the mirror and figure out what you like about each piece.

Do you like the way it hugs your curves?

Is the color super flattering?

What about this item is working for you?

Write these observations down because these are the characteristics you’ll be looking for on your next shopping trip.

Dress sexy, subtle and comfortable.

#2 . . . Dress feminine

Whenever you’re meeting a man – especially if it’s for the first time – embrace your feminine, sexy side.

Put on a gorgeous dress that you look and feel absolutely amazing in.

Trust me – he will love it.

Wear skirts, giggle, create softness and be light and open.

#3 . . . Maintain a little mystery

Contrary to popular belief, men don’t actually want to see everything you’ve got right away!

They find it sexiest when you’re wearing something that’s sophisticated, beautiful and fits your body well without showing too much skin.

For example, wear a black dress with a modest front and an open back, or a silky blouse with a lace camisole peeking through.

It’s that alluring mixture of conservative and sex appeal that drives men wild.

If you are reading this and it inspires you to update your wardrobe and increase your sexy confidence like it did for then click here, to read the details about how this can transform your dating life in just an hour!

In this Virtual Makeover, you’ll get everything listed here plus a new sexy confidence…I promise!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about the makeover Kim did with Annie.

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