The decision to go from casually texting a girl to openly flirting with her can be nerve-wracking for many guys. 

That’s because this decision represents a succeed-or-die scenario. 

Either she enjoys flirting with you, it turns her on, and your relationship moves to the next level… or she gets creeped out and completely stops talking to you.

So in this article, I’m going to show you my playbook for flirting over text without sounding like a stalker.

You’re going to learn:

  • 5 Strategies to Avoid Acting Needy or Creepy When Texting Women
  • 3 Different Types of Flirty Texts You Can Use TODAY
  • Plus, You’ll Get Access to the Ultimate “Flirting Bible” for Attracting Women


First off, I recommend “ripping off the band-aid”, so to speak.

In other words, stringing a girl along with small talk and pleasantries isn’t going to get you anywhere.

You’re just delaying the inevitable. 

Plus, most women who find you attractive will want you to flirt with them right away. 

Here’s how to do it.


5 Creepy Texting Strategies to Avoid 

#1: Don’t Overtext

Play it cool!

If she doesn’t respond right away, don’t let it bother you. 

Avoid sending her 2, 5, 10 text messages in a row — because it makes you seem like an obsessive lunatic and backfires 101% of the time.

#2: Don’t Go Overboard

Flirting and sexual innuendo are one thing. 

Texting her like she’s a “lady of the evening” is another. If you’re still in the flirty phase and haven’t engaged her physically yet, avoid making explicit sexual statements. 

Instead, be playful. 

Keep it light — while still expressing your interest in being more than just friends.

#3:  Don’t Force It

If the conversation is like pulling teeth, don’t try to force flirtatiousness into the conversation.

Poor timing with your flirting is cringe to the max. 

To get her to open up, start an easy conversation. Everyone loves talking about themselves, which is one of the best conversation hacks in the world. Ask her about herself. 

Her hobbies, interests, goals, etc.


#4: Check Your Grammar and Spelling

Women find intelligence attractive. 

In one large-scale study done by Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, they actually found that the most attractive women tend to marry intelligent men.

As a result, you want to make sure you’re not coming across like a dope in your texts. 

With exceptions for common abbreviations like “lol” “wtf” and “lmao”, avoid using text shorthand. 

It’s 2020 and you’re probably using a smartphone with a super fast keyboard, so there’s no reason to cut corners and send texts like “c u l8r”. 

It just makes you seem childish and unintelligent.

I do have some great friends who are terrible spellers even though they’re great guys who run businesses and have their sh*t together. 

If you’re one of these guys, I recommend installing a spelling and grammar checker on your phone like the Grammarly extension.

#5: Avoid Closed-Ended Questions

Hot women on the dating market are notoriously difficult to have a conversation with. Essentially they have such an abundance of options that they don’t settle for less than “Mr. Perfect”. 

Don’t make it harder on yourself by asking closed-ended questions (questions that can be answered with “Yes”, “No” or “Good”).


Instead, ask open-ended questions that can spark a conversation.

Before asking her a question, think to yourself if she could answer you with one word.

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3 Types of Flirty Texts that Work Like a Charm

#1: Teasing

Teasing during flirting is as old as time. 

It brings back memories of the school yard and being mean to the girl you find attractive without really knowing why.

There are tons of ways to playfully tease a woman. Just don’t overdo it.

Give her a silly nickname (You’re a princess lol)

Jokingly accuse her of hitting on you or having her mind in the gutter (Whoa young lady! Are you hitting on me?). 

Tell her you’re incompatible for a silly reason, like she hasn’t seen your favorite movie (You haven’t seen Die Hard?? That’s it, we can’t be friends)

#2: Compliments

Like all these other tips, compliments are great as long as you don’t go overboard.

You want compliments to be hit three criteria:

  1. Genuine
  2. Something she can take credit for
  3. Rare

Be genuine. Don’t compliment her if you don’t mean it, because it will come across as fake.

Compliment something she can take credit for, like her style, hair, or job.

And make them rare. You want compliments to be a precious commodity. If you’re complimenting her every three seconds it cheapens the effectiveness and makes you seem like a creep.

#3: Be Unpredictable

If there’s one thing that turns women off, it’s boredom. 

Avoid predictability by not falling into routines like asking her “How was your day?” every single day after work. 


We’ve all seen movies with the married couple sitting at the dinner table with nothing to talk about and bored out of their minds. And every single one of us sees this as a worst-case-scenario for relationships.

Switch it up often between being sincere and kind, curious, flirty, and silly. 

Just change things up often enough so she gets a well-rounded idea of who you are and doesn’t think that you have the personality equivalent of a monotone.

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