Early on in the quarantine…

back in those hazy days of late-March and early April, when NYC was suddenly the epicenter of the virus and making news for morbid reasons (remember the refrigerated trucks?), a handful of people I hadn’t heard from in many months and sometimes many years reached out to see how my family and I were doing. I didn’t hear from any exes, but a couple old high school friends sent messages, as well as some college pals, and one or two long-ago readers of my now-defunct personal blog even checked in. I reached out to an old friend I hadn’t talked to, for a variety of reasons, in many, many years when I heard she was diagnosed with cancer just before quarantine began. She replied with a very sweet note about how she’d been checking in on my social media throughout the years and was happy to see me doing well. It made me feel both nostalgic and wistful about how some relationships that help change the trajectory of your life or impact who you might become can fade out of your life, sometimes without much fanfare.

Despite the brief re-connections I made in those early days and weeks of quarantine, I think I may have been more surprised, actually, by who didn’t touch base, though I reminded myself that the pandemic was affecting everyone, that it wasn’t just limited to New York, and that I could also reach out if I felt moved to. In a few cases, the silence was affirmation that my feelings about certain old friendships were right: If I’m not the one who checks in and if the conversation isn’t fully about the other person, there’s really no communication between us. (Pro tip: those aren’t real friendships, and it’s totally fine and healthy to let go of those, guilt-free, which I feel good about doing.)

So, I’m curious: Has this period of quarantine brought any blasts from your past? Have you reached out to anyone you haven’t spoken to in a long time? Have any past hurts been healed? Have any truths been revealed? Do you feel the same or different about anyone you may have been surprised to hear from (or not hear from)?