Happy Friday! What a week. It’s nice to feel some hope, isn’t it, even in the midst of ongoing despair? The adults are back in the room, and for the first time in nearly a year, the anxiety I have felt about the our response to Covid, among many other things, has lowered just a little bit. The hope I feel for the generation rising up, embodied by Amanda Gorman at the inauguration, is abundant.

This Anderson Cooper interview with inaugural poet, Amanda Gorman, is delightful and inspiring, as is she.

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“After the most miserable year a lot of us can remember, we looked to 2021 with fervent hope that a fresh start might restore our well-being and equilibrium. We planned to put 2020 in a lockbox and hurl it into the sea.

But as the first full week of 2021 proved, terrifying news simply does not abide by the Gregorian calendar. And grief is a forever thing—one worth sitting with, examining, and learning from so that we can better care for ourselves and others moving forward.”

— New Year, Same Grief