Online dating, it sometimes seems, is something of a guessing game. Oh, sure, we put together our profiles, but how do we know we’re doing it right?

Our profiles are the primary way people get to know us online. If they’re interested enough afterwards, they’ll get in touch to spark a conversation. So, if your profile isn’t working as it should, you’ll get fewer messages, fewer dates and, consequently, have fewer opportunities to find the right person.

Building the perfect profile isn’t simple though, especially when you’re an over 50 dater grappling with both your desire to find that special somebody and online dating at the same time.

So, what do the best, most popular dating profiles have in common? Join us as we share their secrets.

Information (and lots of it!)

For lots of us, writing an online dating profile can feel like writing a CV – awkward, uncomfortable and agonising. It means that many of us settle for short, sharp and bland dating profiles with very little information.

However, the most popular dating profiles have one huge aspect in common – loads of information. We’re not saying you’ve got to spend hours coming up with ways to boast about yourself, but talking about the things you love, where you like to go and you enjoy in other people gives other online daters the chance to get a real glimpse into what you’re all about.

It means that if they decide to strike up a conversation with you, they’ll likely have something they can use to strike up a conversation. Compare that to somebody who’s profile reads “52 and living in Wokingham, looking to meet an honest bloke” and you’ll see why having plenty of information is the key to a great dating profile.

Great pictures

Online dating isn’t like hanging out in a bar. The only way people get to see what you look like is through your pictures, so it’s very much in your interest to take the time to really think about your pictures.

The most successful profiles have pictures where it’s clear which person you are (so no filling your profile with big group pictures), where you’re smiling, well lit and (ideally) enjoying a few of your hobbies.

Oh, and don’t wear sunglasses – you might think they make you look cool, but they typically just make you look shady.


It might sound corny, but there’s nothing people respond to quite as much on mature online dating websites like honesty in your profile. Lying to sound sophisticated, successful or any other thing you might aspire to be will do little but put off people who might otherwise be attracted to you.

Should your non-truths manage to hook somebody in, they’ll find out sooner or later that you were lying, so, when it gets down to it, the only policy really is honesty.