Dating in LA is, well, a little weird.

A recent Overheard LA post says it all really, “Quarantine is the longest relationship I’ve had in LA.”

The city of Angels is home to Hollywood, some of the best beaches in the country, and probably the largest amount of influencers per capita.

It makes sense that the city home to literally thousands of movie stars is also the most shallow. I mean, there’s a reason why LA has the third-highest amount of plastic surgeons per capita in the US.

LA singles have a habit of getting romantically distracted… even while on dates. It’s this itch to always look for something better that has contributed to the Los Angeles Dating Syndrome.

Its this FOMO culture that has led to an uptick in matchmakers. After a while, going out with Tinderellas gets rather boring. That’s why the jaded and frustrated look to matchmakers.

This article is for all those singles that want to cut through the shallow dating scene. To do so you’ll want to enlist the help of one of the best matchmakers in Los Angeles.

Who’s the Best Matchmaker in Los Angeles? But first…

Los Angeles By The Numbers

Whenever we assess the dating life of a city we first need to talk about the gender ratio.

LA has a pretty odd gender breakdown -allow me to explain.

When we’re talking about single men and women, LA has more than 20,000 single dudes than ladies between the ages of 18-64. But this picture changes depending on the age bracket we’re looking at.

If you’re a male between the ages of about 35-44 you’re in luck. That’s because there’s no gender imbalance for those in this age bracket. If you’re between 45-64 your odds for finding love get even better. There are more than 140,000 single women than men that are between the ages of 45 and 64.

If you’re on the younger side you might struggle a bit more to find a long-term lady. This is because there are about 50,000 more single men between the ages of 25-34 than there are females.

While the imbalance may or may not be in your favor depending on your age, what you do have going for you is the ample number of Los Angeles date ideas. WalletHub recently compiled a list of the best cities for singles in the US. Los Angeles ranked seventh overall on that list. One of the main reasons for this is its Fun & Recreation score.

To find a city’s fun and recreation score, things such as the city’s number of attractions, restaurants per capita, parks per capita, nightlife options and other factors were all taken into account. LA ranked 14th from 200 cities when it came to this category.

Another category LA killed it in was Dating Opportunities. In this category, it ranked 8th. Some numbers the study took under consideration were the city’s share of single population, gender balance, online dating opportunities, most active Tinder users, and the mobile dating options (share of adults that own a smartphone).

But hey, the dating scene is really only as good as the weather. The Washington Post crunched the numbers and found that LA has 182 “nice days” per year. That’s only second to Long Beach, CA which can also be found in Los Angeles County. The criteria the researchers used to define, a “nice day” were things such as “warm temperatures, at least partial sunshine, a light breeze, low humidity and no precipitation.”

One last unique point that must be made about the City of Angels is that according to U.S. News, it’s the 9th most racially diverse big city in America. Of it’s nearly 4 million residents, 48.9% are Hispanic (of any race), 15% are Asian, 11.2% are Black, and 67% are non-Hispanic Whites. The diverse mix of cultures, religions, backgrounds, and ideas means that there’s always a unique single woman to be asked out.

Most Popular Dating Apps In LA

Just a decade ago online dating was looked down upon. We thought that only the socially inept turned to online dating. Turns out that times have changed.

Perhaps its the prevalence of the smartphone and the aging of millennials that have turned public opinion. Whatever the case may be, according to Pew Research more than 30% of Americans have now tried their hand at online dating.

LA is ripe for online dating.

Not only are there are a ton of students in the area but 25% of the city is comprised of millennials, 59% of which are single. That being said, which dating app should you be using?

Here are three that we recommend.


I know, I know, Tinder has a bad-boy stigma of being a hookup app. Perhaps that’s still the case, but it’s been able to shed this perception quite a bit since its release in 2012.

While the app is geared towards young users in search of short-term relationships, its prevalence within LA and the entirety of the US warrants a download. If you’re not looking to date a woman in her mid-20s or younger, there are of course other apps to choose from.


Hinge once functioned by connecting users only with friends of FB friends. Despite ditching this model the app still aims to take the superficiality out of online dating.

The “app that’s designed to be deleted” really emphasizes the written bio of its users. The app also uses an award-winning algorithm to pair users with super compatible singles, limits likes to 10 a day, and allows you to like and comment on another user’s profile.

Facebook Dating

Having only launched in the USA less than a year ago, Facebook Dating is still a nascent online dating option. We don’t know how many people use it, how they like it, or even how many matches have been created. What we do know however is that 70% of Americans use Facebook, three-quarters of which check it at least once a day.

Even if just a small fraction of FB users sign up for the dating feature, it’ll become the largest online singles party on the planet. With LA boasting more single millennials than nearly every other major city, expect them to flock to this online dating option soon, if they haven’t already.

Dating apps are nice and all, but let’s be serious, a large portion of users don’t use them as dating apps.

When Lend EDU asked 9,761 millenial Tinder users why they use the app, 44% of users reported that the main reason was for confidence-boosting & procrastination. Let’s be mindful that these users were all of college age, and as we know, college students aren’t always the most focused on finding a lifelong partner.

So if dating apps, the most popular way to meet someone is ineffective, what are you to do?

So Who’s The Best Matchmaker In Los Angeles

If dating apps have let you down, it’s time to call in a wingwoman.

LA is awash with high-quality matchmakers that are ready to set you up with a woman that you’re so compatible with that even an algorithm would be jealous. Here are the best matchmakers Los Angeles has to offer.


I’m not ashamed to say it, we’re awesome.

We’ve helped hundreds of men find to find their forever partner.

So how do we do it?

Unlike your standard matchmaker we employ a team of e-recruiters to scan the web in search of women that you’re compatible with. We don’t really on paid ads, a limited database of women, or limit ourselves to one social stream of network. Rather, we release our e-matchmakers into the wild with a list of criteria and let them do the rest.

But here’s the thing.

Setting you up with the woman of your dreams is only helpful if you’re ready for her. There’s no point in setting you up with highly compatible women if you don’t know “how to date.”

That’s why we pair our matchmaking services with our coaching program – where you’ll learn dating skills you can carry with you long after the matchmaking services have ended.

Our 12-week private or group based coaching program will see you carry out a dating blueprint, that when paired with our matchmaking services, will guarantee that go on a date every single week.

If you don’t want to go at dating alone, during our intake call ask about my group program. I have an ongoing coaching program where I bundle 10-12 single guys in a weekly Zoom coaching call.

Catch Matchmaking

Catch understands that you don’t defend yourself in court or build your house yourself, so why would you find a romantic partner alone? The company starts by learning who the client is, what they’re looking for, and what they have to offer.

After having reviewed the information they’ll ask you to a free consultation with a matchmaker. Should you become a client, Catch will only set you up with someone that has passed a half-hour interview and is in their database.

After you too are in the database, the company will begin setting you up with other pre-approved suitors. At the close of the date, both singles will be interviewed so that the next person that they pair you up with can be even more compatible. Catch also offers its clients date organizing and counseling services.

Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman has been taking care of Southern Californian singles since 2001. Over 30,000 men have registered with her, creating over 1,200 success stories. She’s a four-time winner of the iDate International Best Matchmaker Award and she wants to be your personal matchmaker. If you do enlist her help she’ll vet, screen, pitch you to women, and of course set you up on first dates.

The Real Matchmaker

Catering to both men and women, The Real Matchmaker has a certain type of client in mind. The client is a professional that’s busy but selective. The Real Matchmaker understands that you might be too business-oriented to date. That’s where they come in.

After signing up with The Real Matchmaker, an expert dating scout will be assigned to your account and will begin finding women that meet your outlined criteria. After each date, feedback is solicited from your dates so as to improve your dating skills.

Matchmakers In The City

Matchmakers In The City have been featured in Fox News, bravo, MTV, and CBS. When it comes to matchmaking they’re the real deal. The process is pretty straightforward.

It begins with an interview, a search through the database, and boom, you’re on your first date. Each woman you will date will be pre-screened, background and social media-checked. The matchmaking company, founded by a pair of sisters boast an 8/10 success rate.

Millionaire’s Club

Founded in 2000 by celebrity matchmaker, Patti Stanger, Millionaire’s Club caters to the bold and the beautiful. Her clients include celebrities, professional athletes, Fortune 500 moguls, and even average Jo Shmoe millionaires.

Stanger’s so popular she even had her own show on Bravo for 8 seasons. Patti offers four types of services, with the cheapest starting at 45k a year. The standard package will grant you Patti’s commandments, feedback coaching, and of course matchmaking services.

How To Choose Among the Best Matchmakers in Los Angeles?

With so many awesome Los Angeles matchmakers, it can be difficult to decide who to team up with.

When doing so, think of the big picture. With most matchmaking services only listing a few months, it’s obvious that if you don’t meet someone within this timeframe, the matchmaking will have been all for not.

When you team up with us at emlovz, we’ll teach you the dating skills you need to woo women on your own for the rest of your life. Not only will we set you up on tons of first dates, we’ll teach you how to find your own dates and how to make them swoon once you two meet up. You’ll also have the option to be included in a large community of motivated men from around the United States with similar goals and shared experiences. To get started, book a 1-on-1 Zoom call with me now.