Dating at any age can feel a lot like junior high.

You can be into a guy who you’re fairly certain is also into you…and yet he ignores you just like Billy did in 8th grade.

You want to understand why men ignore women they like, because, frankly, it’s pretty #%!* frustrating!

Unfortunately, ignoring females is a phenomenon that some boys never grow out of. Maybe he’s trying to play it cool so he doesn’t reveal how much he really likes you…

Or maybe he’s still trying to figure out how he feels about you.

Or maybe he has no idea he’s ignoring you at all.

The fact is: you probably will never know why men ignore women they like. The key is knowing what to do about it.

Leave a comment below: has a guy ever done one of the two things I discuss in this video? How did you handle it?

Your Coach,

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