Why You Still Love Bad Boys after 50 and why they are so BAD for YOU!

Isn’t it amazing that even at our age, we’re still wildly attracted to a Bad Boy?

Yes it’s true, he’s the one who can make you feel alive inside, right?

This type of man understands women.

He’s the kind of guy who’ll tell you that they broke the mold when they made you.

Or there’s no one else he can trust or share his deepest thoughts with other than you.

A Bad Boy makes you feel special and honored that he chose you above everyone else to be in his life.

His words make you fall in love with him and the chemistry, well let’s just say it feels amazing.

Unfortunately, there’s a not so great side to a Bad Boy.

One day he’ll tell you he loves you and the next day he’ll disappear.

Why?  A Bad Boy can’t make a commitment to you or any other woman.

That’s because he loves going after the prize, the woman he wants and desires at the moment.

And he’ll do what it takes to get you into his life.

Sadly, once the chase is over, he tires of you and starts the hunt for someone else.

You’ve fallen in love with this man and when he leaves, it breaks your heart.

And what’s even worse is Bad Boys can come back to you when they’re between relationships.

Your Bad Boy will tell you how much he’s missed you.

This gives you hope and you fall in love with him again thinking he’s back for good this time.

But he’s not.

He just doesn’t want to be alone while he’s looking for his next conquest.

A Bad Boy will continue to come in and out of your life until you decide you’ve had enough and you decide to put a stop to this heartbreaking cycle.

How can you tell if he’s a Bad Boy?

Telltale signs are the extremes in his life.

He’s often very handsome and very masculine.

He wants the best life has to offer whether it’s liquor, cars, or women.

He’s often extremely wealthy and extremely fast in whatever he does.

This makes him feel exciting which is a huge part of his charm in your eyes.

In the long run, a Bad Boy can make you miserable and break your heart as he continuously draws you in then shuts you out of his life. 

Yet you still pine for him because Bad Boys make you feel so good.

These men have an amazing command of the English Language and its powers of persuasion and they know how to use it to get under your skin.

But if you really pay attention, you’ll notice a Bad Boy rarely follow his words up with action.

And that’s why they aren’t worthy of you and your time.

So how do you stop attracting Bad Boys?

My clients create what’s known as a Quality Man Template.

It’s an amazing tool that helps you see the types of men you’ve been attracted to over and over again probably since you were young.

And a Quality Man Template helps you take a deep dive into what type of man and relationship would make you really happy today. Chances are its way different than the one that made you happy in your late teens and 20’s.

Many of my clients feel a Quality Man Template is like a Shout Out To The Universe.

Here’s what I mean . . .

Thanks to working with Lisa, the Universe brought me who I wanted

 As a result of working with Lisa, I met a really great guy. He’s thoughtful and smart and tells me he loves that he can talk with me about everything.  I’m having so much fun. The Quality Man Template we worked on together told the universe precisely what I wanted and bam! He appeared. You were so incredibly helpful, Lisa. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover it! Alison, New Jersey

Want to know more about how a Quality Man Template can change your love life?

Just click here to get started.

And if you’ve ever dated a Bad Boy, I would love to hear how that was for you.




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